Galena Contractors Ltd. - heavy construction, roads, bridges, hydro projects, blasting, hauling.

Standards - ISO14001 Certification

Galena Contractors Ltd. is developing an environmental management system designed to conform with ISO14001 standards.  Galena Contractors Ltd.'s environmental policy statement is as follows:

Galena Contractors Ltd. is committed to sustainable development, while maintaining the environment and generating economic and social gains from our resource access provisions and construction activities.

We will:

  • endeavor to comply with or exceed compliance with all relevant existing environmental laws, acts, regulations, and policies.
  • endeavor to minimize pollution, waste, and resource consumption at all levels in our organization.
  • monitor and evaluate performance to develop and improve policies, practices, and procedures that may enhance the environment and minimize environmental impacts from our activities.
  • commit to the recovery, recycling, and reuse of products that we create and consume.
  • provide environmental management system training for our employees, and share our environmental expertise with others.
  • encourage our suppliers and contractors to practice sound environmental management.
Galena Contractors Ltd. invites interested parties to provide input regarding the aforementioned policy statement.  You may contact Galena Contractors Ltd. by phone, e-mail, fax or mail.